What is the Brand Experience Lab?

Freeman’s Brand Experience Lab (formerly Thinking Thursdays) events are an on-going educational series designed to bring industry thought leaders and creative minds together to discuss current trends in the marketplace. We invite top leaders from our industry to share information on various topics, including new technology, industry news and best practices, innovative meeting solutions, and more.

If you would like to learn more about Freeman’s Brand Experience Lab program, please email us at BrandExperienceLab@freeman.com.

Brand Experience Lab: Global (Nov)


November 1
4:00 PM


Freeman - Alexandria
675 N Washington St, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314


"Go Global, Limit Risks & Increase Opportunities"

Moderator: Julie Krueger, Business Development Director-International, Freeman

Panelists: Linda Peters, Vice President - Exhibits, National Business Aviation Association

Agnes Krischik , Event Director, Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association

Marshall K. Nayer, Senior Manager - Meetings, American Society of Hematology

Bethany Feinstein, Head of Events, Rooster Teeth Productions LLC.

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